14th Jan, 2020

Three years after launch Marcus US releases app, UK customers continue to wait

A first look at the newly released Marcus US app.

On 8 January, 2020 Marcus released its first app, after previously only providing account access through both mobile and desktop web channels.

The app is available to iOS users through the iPad or iPhone, with the Android version reported as being planned for a spring release.

The feature set available through in this first release closely matches those available long existing in the US web channels, though UK customers have not been so fortunate and continue to wait for an app in that market.

New customers are able to sign up for a savings account or personal loan through the non-secure pages of the app, while existing customers can complete applications within the secure pages.

The customer account is linked to the app via username and password as well as authentication via an email or SMS based OTP process. Once registration is complete, access is granted through either biometric login or a PIN.

The secure side of the app is laid out across three key tabs: a home page, account summary page and profile page.

Customers are able to add their own external accounts for transacting, being able to set up recurring or one-off payments, with the ability to delete scheduled payments.

A nuance of the app was the fact that some menu items (eg. changing statement preferences and setting transactional alerts) were only accessible after having edited the customer profile. This can be seen in the video that covers account services functionality.

The associated videos show the various customer journeys in the new Marcus app, with Radar reflecting the full feature set.

Pre-login area

Product information

Security features


Personalisation and settings


Account Services