14th Aug, 2018

Xinja Has Arrived

We have received our card, downloaded the app and taken a dive into the experience that is Australia's newest 'neobank' Xinja!

Getting Started with Xinja

Our experience with Xinja started around a month ago when we first applied for access on the 'bank's' website, in what was a very simple and engaging process.

As Xinja points out "...we are not a bank yet but we want to be, and we want you to be a part of it", presumably a reflection of the fact that Xinja is now - as Monzo once was - a stored value proposition as opposed to a fully fledged, and most importantly - licensed bank.

Serendipitously, both our card and an email from the bank advising that the app was now available for download arrived with us yesterday - and this morning we were able to dive in a take a first look at Xinja with our own eyes. First impressions were mixed, but gave a sense that they were heading in a very interesting direction.

Check Out That Card!

Many marketers will tell you that the message is in the medium, and Xinja has done its utmost to maximise the first impressions and capacity of the physical medium in which our card arrived - we can honestly say that this is the first time that a card arrived with its own beach towel (no jokes!).

Despite being a little challenging to open, the card came in a slide out box and was accompanied by a card holder and aforementioned beach towel. As Xinja explains "your card is glow in the dark... but you need to charge it to make it glow by leaving it in bright light for a while. We've provided a mini towel so your card can sunbake..."! In more practical terms the 'towel' is likely to serve as a screen cleaner for the customer's phone on which they appears, and to which they can attach the card holder.

On the whole the pack felt 'fresh' and unlike most card mail we have received over the years did not scream 'BANK' when we opened it.

What About The App?

Well, good news is you can check it our for yourself thanks to the video we have provided of our onboarding and first navigation experience.

Our first impression was that the design was fresh, and the navigation simple - though the latter was made so really by a lack of functionality which at the moment is limited to card management and use, and communication with Xinja.

We did however note that Xinja was working on adding savings tools, P2P payments, home loans and transaction accounts to the customer experience as demonstrated at the 15 second mark of the video below.

Meanwhile, we have created a payment into the account and will provide further updates once we have had a chance to use the card and audit the overall experience in the iSky Radar.

And if you'd like to learn more about Xinja get in touch with us today!