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Whether you are a product owner, or a CX guru. A digital strategist, architect, team leader or senior manager. A security specialist, payments engineer or digital marketer, there is something for every digital financial services provider at iSky Research.

Scroll down to learn more about our Cumulus subscription service, or our tailored Cirrus research options.

Some of the providers we cover

Cumulus, digital CX intelligence like you've never seen before.

Our Cumulus subscription service will keep you and your team on top of the latest digital CX trends, advancements and innovations from around the world of financial services.

Three pillars. One unique Cumulus service.

Online portal

A custom-designed online portal, containing functional and CX benchmark indices (like the 'Top 5' shown below) incorporating hundreds of global banking channels, as well as innovation news, competitor insights and a library of visual content including screenshots, video and banking correspondence.

Workshop and Presentation Days

Onsite presentation of the most recent feature changes, trends and innovations from local and global financial services provider, on dates that suit your business. As well as tailored workshops that can be focused on areas of strategic importance to you and your colleagues, and include live access to competitor channels at no additional cost.

Retainer Support

Empowering you and your colleagues to request custom research and small project support when needed, incorporating any of the banks or financial services providers that iSky Research have access to globally at no further cost. That's right, custom research with no additional invoices!

Personal Banking Top 5

Check out the leading app and web banking experiences from across the world. Keen to know more? Get in touch today.

  • All
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Others
  • Desktop Web
  • iPhone App
  • 1 Bank of America (USA)
  • 2 Westpac (AUS)
  • 3 USAA (USA)
  • 4 Commonwealth Bank (AUS)
  • 5 Redwood Credit Union (USA)
  • 1 Westpac (AUS)
  • 2 Commonwealth Bank (AUS)
  • 3 National Australia Bank (AUS)
  • 4 Bank of Melbourne (AUS)
  • 5 Bank Australia (AUS)
  • 1 ASB Bank (NZ)
  • 2 Australia New Zealand Bank (NZ)
  • 3 Kiwibank (NZ)
  • 4 The Co-operative Bank (NZ)
  • 5 Westpac (NZ)
  • 1 Bank of America (USA)
  • 2 USAA (USA)
  • 3 Redwood Credit Union (USA)
  • 4 Chase Bank (USA)
  • 5 Wells Fargo (USA)
  • 1 Tangerine (CAN)
  • 2 Scotiabank (CAN)
  • 3 Royal Bank of Canada (CAN)
  • 4 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CAN)
  • 5 TD Canada Trust (CAN)
  • 1 Barclays (UK)
  • 2 Santander (UK)
  • 3 Lloyds (UK)
  • 4 Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (UK)
  • 5 Halifax (UK)
  • 1 USAA (USA)
  • 2 Bank of America (USA)
  • 3 BBVA (ESP)
  • 4 Commonwealth Bank (AUS)
  • 5 Westpac (AUS)
  • 1 Commonwealth Bank (AUS)
  • 2 Westpac (AUS)
  • 3 Bank of Melbourne (AUS)
  • 4 National Australia Bank (AUS)
  • 5 Revolut (AUS)
  • 1 Kiwibank (NZ)
  • 2 Westpac (NZ)
  • 3 ASB Bank (NZ)
  • 4 Australia New Zealand Bank (NZ)
  • 5 Bank of New Zealand (NZ)
  • 1 USAA (USA)
  • 2 Bank of America (USA)
  • 3 Redwood Credit Union (USA)
  • 4 Chase Bank (USA)
  • 5 US Bank (USA)
  • 1 Tangerine (CAN)
  • 2 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CAN)
  • 3 Coast Capital Savings (CAN)
  • 4 Royal Bank of Canada (CAN)
  • 5 Scotiabank (CAN)
  • 1 Starling Bank (UK)
  • 2 Monzo (UK)
  • 3 Revolut (UK)
  • 4 Barclays (UK)
  • 5 Halifax (UK)

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Need to look outside the square? The answer is Cirrus.

Our tailored research provides a deeper insight and a competitive edge

Cirrus is a tailored CX research service.

For Cirrus research we work with our clients to determine project requirements and scope, customising deliverables and outputs to meet your specific needs.

We are always looking for our next challenge, so whether you want to see more on digital home loan servicing in the UK, a credit card application comparison in the US, digital banking registration in Singapore or anything else your team needs, let us know. We will work with you to find a solution.

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